3 Tips for going 'Mobile First' in 2019

Ahead of Trend

With the ratio of eCommerce visits trending toward more mobile views over desktops, use these tips to help your business stay ahead of trend:

1. Implement mobile responsive content across your website and reseller network. Shoppers are making more visits and purchases by mobile device than ever before, therefore the content experience must suit each device for readability, attractiveness and potential to sell.

2. Embed reviews, quality video content and a strong call-to-action in your product page. Young shoppers are using their phones in-store to compare pricing, read reviews and stream product related videos prior to purchase. Consolidating digital content reduces the time taken to evaluate and purchase, leading to more sales.

Mobile First

3. Utilise your analytics to understand the customer journey. Basic analytics can determine the proportion of mobile device versus desktop driven visits, allowing you to target marketing communications with both a higher hit-rate and improved cost efficiency.

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