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Everything you need to know about our service.
Who is Content Driver?
Content Driver is a privately owned business based in Australia. We specialise in helping brands deliver quality marketing content across their retailers and informing their future decision making with powerful market level insights. Content Driver works with some of the largest IT brands in the world. Brands and your retailers are constantly evaluating how they sell and position products. We make that process easy by attentively producing an interactive, enriched shopping experience for each of your products, designed to turn window shoppers into successful sales across your retail network.
What makes Content Driver different versus other services?
Content Driver isn’t just datafeed driven - we care about your products as much as you do. Bespoke is our ballpark. Even if your product only has a ‘series’ product page, Content Driver will create and syndicate individual pages, not just one page. We talk strategy, go-to-market and promotional effort to ensure your products are firing on all cylinders.
What is content syndication?
Content Syndication is automatically publishing accurate, consistent marketing material and product information across your chosen retailers.
What is a Landing Page?
A piece of content that isn’t hosted on a product page. A Content Driver Landing Page can deliver an entire product catalogue or brand portfolio. This helps retailers or distributors build an entire webpage focused on a specific brand in minutes. Your sellers will have interactive, attractive page content with ease.
What is a Promotion?
The Content Driver promotions service is a fully automated delivery system for redemption offers, value-add or timed promotion. A brand nominates the dates and retailers to run a promotion to run. Retailers are notified and can opt-in. The marketing material will then appear across the nominated products and disappear automatically on the end date.

Retailer FAQ

If you're a retailer, these are some of our most common questions.
How does Content Driver work?
A retailer places Content Driver’s code on their website or product pages, allowing Content Driver to pull down the applicable product content for each of a brands products. They only have to do this once, the process is fully automated thereafter. This is a set-and-forget process, allowing brands and their retailers to focus on other priorities while the Content Driver team looks after product content.
How do I integrate Content Driver on my website?
Place Content Driver’s Automatic Loader in the head of your website or on your main product page template. Content Driver will take the wheel, matching each product accordingly and delivering the relevant content on the brands behalf. With over 1,000 products available on Content Driver, a number of your product listings might get a transformation that will help bring customers through their journey and encourage them to buy.
Is Content Driver mobile responsive?
Yes. Everything Content Driver designs supports up to 1080p, and down to standard mobile resolutions. That means every retailer is supported, whether they’re offering a fullscreen shopping experience or are focused on mobile-only.
Can I customise content delivered by Content Driver?
You won't be able to customise any of the specific brand content that's delivered via the service. You can control all the other descriptions and messaging on your webpage. As the product content is directly from the brand relating to the product you sell, it is best if the core appearance and messaging remains the same to leverage any additional marketing that the brand does.
Can I use this content on eBay and Amazon?
We want to drive organic traffic through your direct sales channel, therefore Amazon and eBay aren’t our focus. You are welcome to screenshot our content from your website to use with your eBay or Amazon sub-stores. If this solution isn’t a fit for you, reach out to us and we can discuss tailoring a content package to suit your needs.
Will Content Driver impact my SEO value?
Our content is identified by Google as being useful to viewers, therefore Google doesn’t deem it as spam. Your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) ranking will be built on your authority/rank as a retailer domain. There are many factors which influence your SERP, such as having blogs, effective backlinking and paid advertising. Holistically, utilising Content Driver will help you drive customers through product pages and assist with selling more, in the eyes of most retailers this far outweighs the small chance of negatively impacting SEO.
Are there concerns with duplicate content?
Our content syndication service is designed to supplement and augment good SEO practice, not replace it. We recommend that to overcome any potential issues with duplicate content issues that you include your own custom descriptions above and/or below the content, and to write your own meta descriptions and page titles in addition to using Content Driver.
Will Content Driver affect my website speed?
No, Content Driver content is loaded asynchronously. You can allow the initial JS code to work asynchronously by adding async=true. The JS code is triggered directly based on how you’ve integrated the code on your website.
How does Content Driver use Account Holder personal data?
We cover this in our Privacy Policy. If you are a Content Driver account holder, CD may occasionally use the Personal Information (such as your email) to notify you about important changes to the Services or the Website or new services CD thinks you will find valuable. You may notify CD at any time if you do not wish to receive these offers by emailing CD at the link provided on notifications or by contacting CD at Under no circumstances will CD share or sell your personal information.
Does Content Driver collect the personal data of buyers?
Content Driver may use standard technology called ‘cookies’ and similar technologies on the Website. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer when you visit a particular app or website, which allow your web browser to remember certain information. Cookies and buyer data allow us to supply quality product content and optimise its effectiveness, ensuring that buyers get a good customer experience every time they shop on a supported website. Such information may be shared with others as de-identified data in aggregated form. Personally identifiable information or business information will not be shared with third parties except as required by law or where you have given CD your express consent to do so. Under no circumstances will CD share or sell identifiable personal information.
Does Content Driver track impressions?
Yes, Content Driver will track page impressions and content availability to optimise and improve product content coverage across your website.
Is Content Driver secure?
Yes. All ingress, egress and internal messaging within the Content Driver platform is encrypted during transport and at best using state of the art cryptographic technologies developed specifically to ensure the privacy, security and integrity of sensitive information. Multi-factor authentication is a first-class citizen at Content Driver. Multi-party authorisation is employed to ensure your content is delivered swiftly and on-brand. By creating and using strong passwords and 2FA, using strong cryptography, and patching your web browser and operating system, you can help to protect your customers and providers on Content Driver.

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