Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Content Driver?

For Brands:

  • We deliver your product to your retailers quickly and accurately, ensuring that you go-to-market faster and that each product is represented with an appreciation for the details and correct key messaging.
  • Our design and development team are experts in the field, with years of experience in eCommerce. Our service puts your key message where the product is sold, driving it home with modern shopping elements that engage potential customers, leading to that key purchase decision.
  • Content syndication makes your sales channel stronger, helping customers connect to your retailers organically and driving sell-out on a discovery level.
  • We’ve made a proprietary Cloud-based platform which houses your products, marketing material and key insights associated with them. This means you can release products, manage your sellers and see market-level data about how your portfolio is performing wherever you are.

For Sellers:

  • Our service enables you to list new products rapidly (around 2 minutes per product), giving you more time to focus on selling. 
  • Customers are met with high impact product marketing messaging with a higher chance to convert sales. 
  • Bespoke interactive elements like videos, animations and sliders are utilised by our design team to further escalate your customers purchase decision.
  • Every product embedded with Content Driver is meticulously tested to ensure it looks great. Every product is also completely mobile responsive, so regardless of where the customer is shopping from, you always have a chance to sell.
  • If you were previously embedding image based content for each product, you were likely missing out on a multitude of SEO benefits. 
  • All Content Driver supported products are indexed by Google, meaning potential customers will discover your store faster.

Content Related Questions


My content isn't showing. What's going on? 

Double check that you've embedded the correct code on your website. If you have verified that this has been done correctly, but the content isn't displaying properly, please reach out to us for troubleshooting.

Can I customise content delivered by Content Driver? 

Unfortunately you won't be able to customise any of the specific brand content that's delivered via the service. You can control all the other descriptions and messaging on your webpage. As the product content is directly from the brand relating to the product you sell, it is best if the core appearance and messaging remains the same to leverage any additional marketing that the brand does. The last thing we want is to confuse the customer by having differing information across sellers.

Can I use this content on eBay and Amazon? 

We want to drive organic traffic through your direct sales channel, therefore Amazon and eBay aren’t our focus. Content Driver embeds with direct seller websites to ensure that products look their best and sell their best.  That said, you are welcome to screenshot our content from your website to use with your eBay or Amazon sub-stores. ‍If this solution isn’t a fit for you, reach out to us and we can discuss tailoring a content package to suit your needs.

Search Engine (SEO) Related Questions


Can Google see the content delivered by Content Driver? 

Google and other search engines can crawl and index Javascript; we've run external tests to confirm that all CD powered product pages are properly indexed.

Are there concerns with duplicate content?

Note that our content syndication service is designed to supplement and augment good SEO practice, not replace it. We recommend that to overcome any issues that pertain to potential duplicate content issues that you include your own custom descriptions above and/or below the content, and to write your own meta descriptions and page titles in addition to using Content Driver.

Redundancy & Security Questions


What will happen if a brand stops using Content Driver? 

Our service is contractually obligated to replace our embedded code with a flat JPG file, as you would've been running before, should the service not be continued by a brand. In no case will you ever be left without product content, even if the brand terminates their agreement with us. ‍

Is Content Driver secure? 

Content Driver is secure. All ingress, egress and internal messaging within the Content Driver platform is encrypted during transport and at best using state of the art cryptographic technologies developed specifically to ensure the privacy, security and integrity of sensitive information. Multi-factor authentication is a first-class citizen at Content Driver. Multi-party authorisation is employed to ensure your content is delivered swiftly and on-brand. By creating and using strong passwords and 2FA, using strong cryptography, and patching your web browser and operating system, you can help to protect your customers and providers on Content Driver.