Creating a One-Stop Resource for Retailers with Landing Pages

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This week our article will focus on a new tool we’ve created called ‘Landing Pages’, which is designed to help brands engage with their broader retail network - specifically sellers that they cannot engage with on a one-to-one basis. We’ve deployed this solution with Logitech, a brand that attributes a lot of their success to maintaining distributor / reseller relationships.

This article will run through some of their use of Landing Pages and highlight how we’re assisting Logitech to do things differently to help them continue their success in the video collaboration market.

What are Landing Pages?

Our core content syndication service enables sellers with embeddable codes which deliver specific product content to their pages. This allows sellers to have interactive, attractive page content with ease. Landing Pages are an augmentation of this service with the same ease of deployment, but instead of delivering a single product, Landing Pages can deliver an entire product catalogue or brand portfolio. This allows retailers or distributors to effectively build an entire webpage focused on a specific brand in minutes.

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Brands strive to be customer-centric in-terms of communication and relationship development, but brands such as Logitech have such broad sales channels that it can be difficult to maintain those relationships across smaller players in the market. 

Landing Pages bring that centricity into the digital realm by creating points of activation for retailers (via distributor websites) and end users (via retailer websites). We use this service to house sales critical information in places where the customer will see it. Logitech is particularly effective in their utilisation and we will be highlighting how they do this in the next section.

How Logitech Utilises Landing Pages

News and Announcements Above the Fold: We place news, product releases and more at the top of the page. These sections are changed based on what Logitech believes (or knows) their customer wants to see.

Easy Navigation: At the top is a short intro before highlighting key product types. We’ve implemented this to pre-empt what the customer wants and to try to give it to them quickly.

All The Information Customers Need: Each product within a category has a Learn More button, which is designed as a Picture-in-Picture window when clicked. This provides all necessary product information in a single location, without taking the customer away from the Landing Page.

The Perfect Fit for Vertical Products

As a fit within our services, Landing Pages are best suited to higher priced products and solution based sales. We can condense a significant amount of information into a smaller footprint, providing a hub for potential customers. Further, we can constantly push updates to that hub once it’s online, meaning that the information and products are always up-to-date and no legwork is required by the distributor or retailer to maintain it. Lastly, Landing Pages allow us to guide the customer through their journey to find the right solution fit by telling the brand story above-the-fold and using building out a strong navigation to lead them to the right product for them or their customers.

Quick Read:

  • Brands often have large retail channels that they can’t manage alone.
  • Landing Pages are a simple and effective way to enable a brand's retailers or distributors with a ‘brand hub’ online.
  • This is accomplished with a simple embeddable code, copied and pasted into the website backend; taking just minutes to get online. 
  • The brand chooses what information to have on the Landing Page, whether it be telling the brand story or completely product centric. 
  • Content Driver can change that messaging over time, without needing the retailer or distributor hosting the Landing Page to lift a finger.
  • This means we can keep information up-to-date, and build out specific narratives that fit the market in order to drive a higher conversion rate on site visits, and lead the customer journey.

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