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This week we’re diving into our Promotions service,  a service which we brought to market last year. The concept of the Promotions is to help brands design and deploy redemption offers, marketing promotions or branding at scale.

Content Driver has actively deployed Promotions with Intel and ViewSonic throughout 2020, and more clients are beginning to use this service in 2021. We’ll be focusing on the concept behind Promotions, how the service works and how it’s changing the way brands and resellers deploy promotional campaigns, while providing real examples of Promotions that have been used in the past.

Design Principles for Promotions 

  1. Easy to ideate, easy to deploy. We wanted brands to be able to come up with a campaign (whether planned or on-the-fly), and resellers to flesh out those ideas easily.
  2. Flexible enough for any idea. Emphasis placed on the ability to deliver sales driven, redemption focused or branding based campaigns.
  3. Simplify the process for resellers. Easy opt-in/opt-out design for partners, with automatic on/off function when the campaign goes live or is completed.

How Promotions Are Deployed

Our core content syndication service enables sellers with embeddable codes which deliver specific product content to their pages. This allows sellers to have interactive, attractive page content with ease. We’ve designed Promotions to effectively ‘piggyback’ off that syndicated content, thereby allowing us to have a promotion go-live on select products at short notice, with relative ease. 

An example of an Intel promotion, prior to and after go-live.

The brand will nominate which products they want to deploy a Promotion on, and the nominated partners who will execute the Promotion. Those partners can then opt-in via the Content Driver Platform for the length of the promotion, or conversely, opt-out if they have completed the promotion early.

Different Types of Promotions

We’ve assisted on delivering on various different ideas for current clients. Here are some examples of Promotions that have been successfully deployed.

Intel’s Game Redemption Program: To enhance intention-to-buy, Intel bundled various gaming properties with their processors over the past year. All the nominated resellers using the Content Driver service automatically received the promotion on select products. Customers were able to retrieve their game via Intel’s Microsite, or via the Reseller for the duration of the campaign.

ViewSonic’s Work from Home Campaign: During the COVID-19 period, ViewSonic aimed to educate consumers by directing traffic to work from home specific monitors. This promotion was branding based, with targeted messaging designed to keep consumers on their journey, instead of potentially losing a sale.

Intel Gamer Days Engagement: Designed to direct traffic to a campaign wide Gamer Days landing page for nominated resellers, boosting organic traffic to Intel products and providing an equal opportunity for each resellers Gamer Days deals.

Deliver Quick Hits or Play the Long Game

These are just a few examples of the broad applications Promotions can be used for. Whether it’s branding driven, or purely a sales angle taken, Promotions make it easy for our brands to get their ideas to market, and for their resellers to take advantage in driving sales. This concept has been developed based on the difficulties of getting an entire reseller base aligned to deliver a marketing effort; with Promotions, we can ensure that the brand is well represented, and that all the nominated resellers are able to partake in the same effort. From there, we reduce the workload for the brand and reseller alike thanks to the ‘piggyback’ type delivery, and automated ON/OFF functionality which allows the brand to deliver high-impact sales campaigns rapidly or slow burning, brand driven campaigns over a longer period of time.

Quick Read:

  • Designing and delivering marketing campaigns can be difficult to manage. With multiple resellers and products involved, execution can often be scattershot.
  • Promotions is a new service from Content Driver, which takes control of the execution of marketing campaigns - per product, per reseller.
  • The backbone for this is our content syndication service, which means Promotions can go live at very short notice - allowing brands to be reactive or proactive.
  • The brand chooses what products and resellers will receive the Promotion. Resellers can then easily opt-in via the Content Driver platform.
  • Then, the Promotion is delivered for the set time period, and automatically turned off once that time period elapses, meaning resellers and brands don’t need to worry about managing competing timeframes or managing multiple products.

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