How Interactive Content Engages Shoppers

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What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content engages, educates and captivates by turning shoppers into active participants. This may be as simple as selecting an option to find out more about a product, or a click-to-expand feature highlight on a product photo.

An example created for Intel, highlighting three target markets.

Why Does Interactive Content Work?

Interactivity brings the power of persuasion to your online medium, acting as a silent salesperson in a similar way to a point of sale display within a retail store. Interactive elements can be highlighted within design to subtly draw the eye and encourage the viewer to test and play with sliders, buttons, pictures and videos. Shoppers find this level of personalisation appealing, and a refreshing change compared to bland product marketing messaging.

The Results of Using Interactive Content

Introducing interactive elements can be challenging from a creative and investment standpoint, but successful implementation results in true consumer engagement, in real-time. With the ever growing expecations of online shoppers brands need to rapidly engage with their audience within an average time on page window of 2-5 minutes.

Interactive content is the most effective way to engage your audience, whilst differentiating products against competitors. These elements add more value for the consumer with reciprocal dialogue between the brand and the shopper; changing a passive shopping experience into a user-driven, personalised experience from start to finish.

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