Logitech’s VC Marketing Manager, Kristy Leclerc, on How Building a Digital Identity Drives Growth

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Logitech’s VC Marketing Manager ANZ, Kristy Leclerc, on how building a digital identity drives growth

Welcome to Industry Insight, where we take a brief moment with one of our partners to discuss current market challenges, marketing philosophy and new ways of working. 

This week we’re chatting to Kristy from Logitech. Kristy has been at Logitech for three years, as the Video Collaboration Marketing Manager for the ANZ region. Kristy has some unique perspective about confronting the challenges presented by COVID-19, including the limitations around face-to-face communication, events and more.

1. Uncertainty has resulted in many events being cancelled and projects being postponed. Have your methods for communicating with partners or prospective leads changed? If so, would you mind telling us how?

The face-to-face aspect of our business has greatly changed, even so far as stopping completely in some states, so we’ve pivoted our communication effort with prospective leads. Logitech is forward thinking, and we had a digital infrastructure in place which allowed us to easily & quickly convert from offline to online. This ensured we had minimum disruption while communicating our message with customers. We filled potential communication gaps with electronic correspondence, like EDM’s and webinars, while ramping up our focus on LinkedIn engagement.

2. The typical shopping experience has largely transitioned to online. As a brand that sells solutions, how have you achieved balance in-terms of product perception and building a good shopping experience?

Generally, 80-90% of people have already researched the brand/product by the time they are ready to engage with one of our sales team members. Ensuring that our messaging, and customer experience is consistent across all platforms has been key in building a seamless customer journey from research through to engagement. Content Driver’s Landing Pages have helped us with this.

3. With face-to-face meetings being limited, do you have any suggestions or tips for addressing broader business opportunities from a marketing strategy standpoint?

Along with having a strong consistent online presence, it's important to look into enabling virtual demo's, creating & sharing thought leadership content, as well as creating a strong online presence/personality for the sales team in a time where it's so hard to be personable. We’ve been creative in building out a digital identity wherein our customers notice our presence, even without direct interaction. That’s allowed us to stay top of mind when it comes to Video Collaboration solutions, and positioning ourselves as the market leader and thought leader in the space.

4. Based on your experience and position within Logitech, do you have any final thoughts or suggestions for people who are still working from home, or have been impacted by the changes businesses are experiencing throughout 2020?

Of course. The most important thing is staying organised and making sure that your time is a priority. I’ve found it helpful to firmly schedule my lunch breaks in my calendar, to make sure I don’t work through that break. Logitech has introduced ‘No Meeting Friday’ which allows me to stay on top of admin work, debrief the past week and organise for the next week.

Exercise and ‘me-time’ are also vital to decompress and be ready to work the next day. I’ve spent some time organising my workspace, to minimise clutter and keep my thoughts clearer throughout the day. I’ve invested in my workspace with ergonomically geared peripherals--Logitech of course--to improve my workflow and cater to extended sessions.

Thank-you Kristy for spending some time with us, and providing some insight into how the environment can affect our day-to-day work lives, and some ideas about overcoming those challenges.

Logitech is a market leader in this space, and has a resource site with additional remote work tips. You can find those here:

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