Two Ways We’re Using eCommerce Trends to Enhance Our Service

Ahead of Trend

The market for consumer goods is a rapidly evolving space. eCommerce specifically has vaulted from simplistic product information in text form through to completely interactive, mobile viable product pages.

Here are two trends we’ve noticed and the ways we’re using them to inspire our product/services roadmap.

1. Content is king.

Brands are seeing a shift in the ratio of retail and online sales. As younger generations become shoppers, the space has begun to delineate, with a clearer divide between those comfortable buying online, and those who prefer to buy in-store. Specifically in Australia, department stores are suffering due to an influx of online competition, convenient purchasing methods and and improved focus on good, sales viable product content.

Within the eCommerce ecosystem, good product content acts as a silent salesperson, in a similar function to a point-of-sale display within a retail store. Interactive with both of these mediums can make or break the purchase decision. To that end, Content Driver is focused on integrating interactive elements within product page design to boost customer engagement and retention, and increase the likelihood of purchase.

2. Mobile shopping encourages spontaneity.

Shopping habits have shifted dramatically over the past decade. Mobile specific shopping has grown by 28.8% in Australia (from 2018). Videos, blogs, reviews and aggressive retargeting keeps products top of mind, resulting in new shopping behaviour which encourages mobile browsing and shopping. Australian resellers are offering buy now pay later services to facilitate quick and easy purchase decisions, compounding this browsing shopping behaviour and rewarding it with easier purchasing.

Each product delivered by Content Driver is optimised for mobile viewing, from text and images through to those aforementioned interactive elements, the goal is to alleviate pressure on our contracted brands by assisting them with the recognition and assimilation of new shopping behaviour, helping them retain key mindshare with their customers.

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