SuperchargeD Analytics

Content Syndication will help to Drive Web Traffic to your products, while Powerful Visual Design assists with driving sales. From this process we generate data to power your future decisions and give insight into your sales network.

See the Full Scope of Your Product Portfolio:

Generate insights into popular models, peak shopping times, bounce rates, mobile traffic and more.

Near Realtime Updates & Monthly Reporting:

Automated data analysis available to you at a glance through our dashboards or in a report.

Use Data to Make Better Decisions:

Our analytics are designed to provide the information needed to assist you with making hard decisions.


Analytics Dashboards Accessible Anywhere

The Insight to Make Better Decisions

Content Driver’s syndicated content actively collects and collates powerful data and insights into easily read visual representations, making them available to you via our platform. Use our reporting dashboards to gauge the return on your investment, see which products are trending and which sellers are making you their priority.

Analytics Dashboard

Keep Up with The Changing Market

Use Real-Time Data to Follow Your Customer Journey

Your customers move fast. Our sophisticated suite of analytics update in real-time, allowing you to gain a clear picture how customers are interfacing with your product on your retailers websites and most importantly, whether they’re buying or not. Those insights and more are available through our Cloud platform giving you the insight you need, when you most need it.


Understand External Traffic Sources

Turning Search Related Discovery Into Sales

In an evolving consumer market, online traffic can be driven from various sources on a daily basis. Content Driver can interpret referral traffic—whether it comes from your retailers, search engines, reviews or content marketing, through to your product—and provide supportive data to help you turn the unknown into your advantage.

Understand external traffic sources

We help your resellers sell more — find out how...

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